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The first attempts to establish the Department of Industrial Product Design dates back to mid 60’s. Many graduates were sent abroad for further education to become a part of academic staff in the faculty when they are back. As an extension of this improvement, beginning from late 1970’s two paralel atelier system (“Interior Design and Furniture” and “Product Design”) has started in Department of Furniture – Interior Design and first industrial design projects started to be made. “Industrial Product Design” has become an individual department in 1985.


The Aim of the Department

Department of Industrial Product Design aims to train designers who make products to meet the requirements of individuals or groups of people and who maintain an appropriate environment for them. While the students improve their creativity and technical knowledge with the design projects, they also gain a theoretical background with supporting courses like research, planning, methodology, ergonomics, design history, materials and production methods and design management. The design projects that the students develop are mainly home appliances, investment goods, mobile products and automotive related products.



The concept of design can only be comprehended within the context of aesthetic, technical, economical and social factors. Since all these can be achieved within multidisciplinary approach, they require teamwork and are based on scientific and technical knowledge. The task of developing new technologies and information into rational use for people, is impressive and challenging. This makes the industrial product designers to be active with their individuality in forming the future world. To be able to meet these requirements, an education program that can train students in the mentioned context is established.


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